Department of Biblical Studies

Dr. Esa Autero
Dr. Esa AuteroDean of Faculty
Joshua Drabik, M.A.
Joshua Drabik, M.A.Full-Time Professor
James Cater, M.A.
James Cater, M.A.Adjunct Professor
Dr. George Fredericks
Dr. George FredericksAdjunct Professor
Tom Davis, MDiv.
Tom Davis, MDiv.Adjunct Professor
Barry Davis, M. Div.
Barry Davis, M. Div. Adjunct Professor
Dr. Gary Cohen
Dr. Gary CohenVisiting Professor
Dr. John Stevenson
Dr. John StevensonFull-Time Professor
Dr. Jodyann Reid
Dr. Jodyann ReidFull-Time Professor
Lee Ann Mancini, M.A.
Lee Ann Mancini, M.A.Adjunct Professor

Department of Christian Education

Dr. Mary Drabik
Dr. Mary Drabik Full-Time Professor
Paula Stevenson, M.S.
Paula Stevenson, M.S.Adjunct Professor
Dr. Thomas Drabik Jr.
Dr. Thomas Drabik Jr. Full-Time Professor
Coach Mike Jarvis
Coach Mike JarvisAdjunct Professor
Bruce Wagner, M.S.
Bruce Wagner, M.S.Adjunct Professor

Department of General Education

Dr. Rhianna Rogers
Dr. Rhianna RogersVisiting Professor
Steve Carleo, M.S., M.Div.
Steve Carleo, M.S., M.Div.Adjunct Professor
Donna Marrah, M.B.A.
Donna Marrah, M.B.A.Adjunct Professor
Russell Stevens, M.B.A.
Russell Stevens, M.B.A.Adjunct Professor
Kevin Clarke, M.S.
Kevin Clarke, M.S. Full-Time Professor
Dr. Carol Eades
Dr. Carol EadesAdjunct Professor
Robert Boutwell, Esq.
Robert Boutwell, Esq.Adjunct Professor
Dr. George Sharp
Dr. George SharpVisiting Professor
Beth Hall, B.A.
Beth Hall, B.A.Full-Time Instructor
Richard Lyons, M.A.
Richard Lyons, M.A.Adjunct Professor

Department of Behavioral Sciences

Nilce Moraes, M.S.
Nilce Moraes, M.S. Full-Time Professor
Daniel Drabik, M.S.
Daniel Drabik, M.S. Full-Time Professor
Josiah Stephan, M.S.
Josiah Stephan, M.S.Full-Time Professor
Dr. Joseph A. Lewis
Dr. Joseph A. LewisAdjunct Professor
Saul Thermidor, Esq.
Saul Thermidor, Esq.Adjunct Professor
Dr. Daphney Lundi
Dr. Daphney LundiFull-Time Professor

Department of Ministry and Leadership

Dr. Mark Donelly
Dr. Mark DonellyAdjunct Professor
Rev. Dr. Do Pi
Rev. Dr. Do PiAdjunct Professor
Dr. Michael Rackley
Dr. Michael RackleyFull-Time Professor
Dr. Becky Emerson
Dr. Becky EmersonFull-Time Professor
Josiah Stephan, M.S.
Josiah Stephan, M.S.Full-Time Professor