SFBC Seminars

During your time at South Florida Bible College, you may find yourself attending seminar courses on our beautiful campus in Deerfield Beach, Fl. We are confident that your academic journey will be enhanced by this experience. Seminar courses allow you to engage with SFBC faculty and staff, explore our expanding beautiful campus, and build relationships with your classmates. We are excited for you to get more connected to SFBC Colleagues!

What Are Seminars?

Seminars are weeklong or weekend on-campus classes* where students can interact with their peers and professors in a classroom setting. For students who have chosen to pursue their degrees online, some degree tracks offer optional seminar courses. These seminar courses are located on the South Florida Bible College campus and allow students to interact with and learn from professors face-to-face as they enhance their education through a higher level of engagement.

Many students have felt a deeper connection to SFBC after completing a seminar. While completing coursework for a 3-credit hour course, students also have the opportunity to eat at the school’s student lounge, visit our state-of-the-art library and academic classrooms, and attend on-campus events. During the student’s stay, he or she will be able to access a variety of other perks.

*Pre-work and post-work may be required in Populi.

We’re Here To Help
Please feel free to call us at (954) 637-2268 or Request Info.

What to do while on Campus for Your Seminar

  • Stay up-to-date while visiting campus for your seminar by logging into Populi or Facebook for easy access to campus announcements, calendar of SFBC events, important announcements, and so much more!
  • While at SFBC for your seminar, please take time to check out our Beautiful Beach, our Student Center, Library, Classrooms, and Founder’s Hall.
  • Please contact studentlife@sfbc.edu to better familiarize yourself with the needed information regarding your SFBC seminar courses.