Welcome to College Academy at SFBC!

College Academy at South Florida Bible College is an academically rigorous dual enrollment program with a Christian worldview where high school students can earn both college and high school credits while growing in Biblical thought and victorious Christian living.

  • General Education core completed by high school graduation.

  • Credentials that allow credit transfer to other colleges and universities.

  • Reduces the total time needed to complete a Bachelor’s degree

  • Students are eligible for reduced tuition while taking any number of credits.

  • Curriculum taught from Christian worldview.


Success Stories

I was an EAP student for 4 semesters and took all levels. It helped me a lot to learn and improve my English and acquire the confidence to start college. I graduated last December and now I am working under my (OPT) Optional Practical Training!

I couldn’t be happier!!! I’m proud to be part of SFBC. They always supported me as a student.

Karen Freitas

I didn’t have any English when I arrived in the USA and I know I am still learning, but the institution’s support has helped me improve every day. There were many challenges, but I have grown as I responded to each one of them.

Today, after EAP, I am in college completing the classes of my psychology course. It is a great challenge but another opportunity to exercise my profession in this country.

Kelly Lima

Hybrid classes! (On-Campus and Online)

Watch this brief informative greeting from EAP Director, Beth Hall

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