image of professor Carleo
Steve Carleo, M.Div.

Adjunct Professor, 2015
Division of General Studies (College)
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami
M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami
M.Div. in Pastoral Studies Concentration, Liberty University Theological Seminary

Steve Carleo graduated from the University of Miami with his BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering in 2004. He also answered God’s call into the ministry and completed his MDiv with Liberty University in 2012. In his secular career, Steve has worked for various medical device companies (e.g., Johnson & Johnson) as a Product Development Engineer. Throughout his career, Steve has amassed several patents / patent applications and has contributed to several technical publications. In ministry, he has served as an Associate Pastor and Youth Minister in various church denominations.

Steve is married, a father of three (soon to be four) and enjoys parenting, reading, traveling, and is a bona fide technology geek. An interesting fact is that each of his children have been born in a different state (thanks to the dynamic nature of the engineering field).


Cuff Pressure and Friction in the Design of Indwelling Fecal Drainage Catheters –

FOLEY CATHETER HAVING STERILE BARRIER (20100198195A1)Catheter having improved drainage (EP 2459264 B1)Catheter Having Improved Drainage and/or a Retractable Sleeve and Method of Using the SamE (20120179144A1)Catheter Having Internal Hydrating Fluid Storage and/or Catheter Package Using the Same and Method of Making and/or Using the Same (20120168324A1)


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