Tom DeRosa

Adjunct Professor, 2019

Division of General Studies (College)

M.A. – Florida Atlantic University

Extended Graduated Education – Florida Atlantic University / Barry University

B.A. – University of Miami

Tom DeRosa is the Director and Founder of Creation Studies Institute (CSI), a national creation ministry, begun in 2988, whose mission is to reach the church community with the truths of Creation, and also the founder of The Creation Discovery Museum. The ministry of Creation Studies Institute has trained tens of thousands of men, women, and children over the years.

He is an author, teacher, and sought-after speaker. Tom has been recognized as an award-winning science teacher who has taught all grade levels including college. He is certified in many areas of science including Chemistry, Biology, and General Science. He is noted for his enthusiasm and his passion for teaching. Tom has a strong academic background in Chemistry and he has taught Chemistry and Physics, for over 30 years, in both public and parochial schools.

Tom was a dedicated and deceived evolutionist but he is now a creationist, because of what Jesus Christ did for him. He has first-hand knowledge of how the Creation Message has a dramatic impact on lives. He is committed to breaking down those barriers in other people’s lives and filling believers with the knowledge that will allow them to do the same. It is Tom’s desire to use his knowledge of Science to show others that Faith and Science DO mix, that they complement one another in a beautiful symbiotic relationship.


1990 Certificate of Excellence in Teaching – The University of Miami, School of Education

1996-99 Lead the CSI ministry in discovering and excavating three Columbian Mammoths at the Peace River in Arcadia, FL

1998 -1999 Outstanding Teacher for Academic Excellence in Mathematics and Science – Radio Shack Tandy Award


Evolution Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions, Coral Ridge Ministries, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (2006)

Evidence for Creation: Intelligent Answers for Open Minds, Coral Ridge Ministries, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2003.

2nd Edition, 2006

3rd Edition. Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, GA (2015)

Coauthored Investigate Elementary Science Series

DeRosa and Reeves, New Leaf Publishing Group, Green Forrest, Arkansas.

Titles – Investigate the Possibilities Elementary Science Series

Forces and Motion: From High-speed Jets to Wind-up Toys (2009)

Matter: Its Properties and Its Changes (2009)

Energy: When Electrons Gather and Scatter (2009)

The Earth: Its Structures and Its Changes (2011)

Water and Earth: From the Flood to Forecasts (2013)

The Universe: From Comets to Constellations (2014)

Monthly Publication by Creation Studies Institute

Creation Answers (formally known as Directors Letters)

“Natural Selection Versus God’s Word” May 2021

“Modern Day Frankenstein: The Hideous Myth of Evolution” March 2021

“How Does a Virus Fit Into God’s Design” April 2020