Barry Davis, M.Div.

Assistant Professor, 2016
Division of Biblical & Theological Studies (College)
M. Div., Piedmont International University
M.S. Psychology, Capella University
B.A. in Biblical Studies, Piedmont Baptist College
Expertise: Biblical Studies

Barry Davis served in the United States Marine Corps for six years.

Barry’s view of learning consists of a learner-centered environment that promotes meaningful learning, constructing knowledge rather than passively receiving it and shaping as well as being shaped by experiences in the learning environment. He currently serves as an adjunct professor and instructional designer.

He has served as Faculty Professor both on campus and online, Instructional Designer, Student Advisor, Admissions Board member, Bible department program consultant as well as Senior Pastor 2000-2004, Interim Pastor 2004-2005 and again 2006- 2009. He is currently bi-vocational and works as an Instructional Systems Specialist for the Department of the Airforce.


For both MacMillan Learning and SAGE Publications, Barry Davis serves as a textbook consultant and assists with:

  • Developing ancillary materials for college textbooks to include journal and media resources as well as develop lesson plans, teaching outlines, PowerPoints, instructor manuals, exams, discussion questions and quizzes from an instructor and subject matter expert perspective.
  • Curriculum consulting and textbook reviewing in subject areas of: Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory, Introduction to Statistics, Biostatistics, Research Methods in Developmental Psychology, Psychological Tests & Measures.
  • Provides feedback and suggestions to editors and authors.
  • Creates artifacts for courses as well content for textbook companion web site.


  • PSALM 73 A Paradox of Faith: How did I get here and what do I do? ISBN 978-1082265150


  • Serves as High Reliability Organization (HRO) Baseline Trainer
  • High Reliability Organization (HRO) Baseline Trainer with VA Healthcare System’s HRO/Just Culture Training Team.
  • Trainer and consultant for the National VA Voices Program
  • National, regional and local trainer for Homeless Veteran Community Employment Services
  • Published VA White Papers on the National Hub
  • Researched, created, tracked and published VA Best Practices for several initiatives and conducts training.
  • Department of the Air Force – Air Education and Training Command, Squadron Officer School
  • Instructional Systems Specialist, Assessments



  • History of Western Civilization
  • Introduction to Speech Communication
  • English Literature
  • Church History
  • Comparative Religions
  • Marriage and Family
  • Principles of Counseling l
  • Principles of Counseling ll
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • General Psychology
  • Christian Counseling Ethics
  • Group Counseling
  • Counseling Multicultural Populations
  • Addictions Counseling
  • History & Systems of Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Counseling for Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Personality Theories
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Survey of Biblical Doctrines
  • Systematic Theology I
  • Systematic Theology II
  • Gospels: The Life of Christ
  • Old Testament Pentateuch
  • Hebrew I and II
  • Greek I
  • Christian Ethics
  • New Testament Survey
  • Romans
  • Leadership of Practical Theology II
  • Intercultural Ministry
  • Working with Teams
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Leading Volunteers
  • Leadership and Ministry Capstone
  • Introduction to Research
  • Research and Concept Development Skills
  • English Composition I and II
  • Spiritual Formation