Jodyann Reid, D.Min.

Associate Professor, 2009
Dean of College
M.A.B.T.S., Knox Theological Seminary
M.A.C.C., Knox Theological Seminary
D.Min., Knox Theological Seminary
Expertise: Biblical Studies, Theology, Philosophy

Jodyann Reid graduated from Knox Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies in 2009. She also received an M.A in Classical Studies, and a Doctor of Ministry degree with a concentration in Exegesis at Knox Theological Seminary.

She has taught at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary since 2009 and currently serves as the Chair of the General Education Department. In addition to her work in academia, Jodyann also serves as a minister at Unity New Testament Church of God in Lauderdale Lakes.


One Hope and Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Outreach Fellowship.
Focus- Outreach in urban environments using community transformation projects.


Jodyann Reid, “The People, the Land, and the Promise”, South
Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary Journal Vol. 1 (2013) : 18-31.


• Prison Epistles
• Old Testament Biblical Background
• New Testament Survey Background
• Youth Ministries
• Pentateuch (Summer Semester 2011; a semester long classroom course)
• Greek
• New World History
• Christianity Through the Centuries World Religions (Summer Semester 2012-15; a semester long classroom course)
• American History
• World Civilization
• Team Ministry