Make Your World Better with South Florida Bible College

At South Florida Bible College, we believe a better world is possible. And we believe our students are the ones who make it better. That’s why a SFBC education — from degree opportunities, to support networks, to affordability — is all about equipping you, as a person and as a professional, to be your best.

Ministry & Professional Leaders

Student Testimonial: Gregg D.

I choose South Florida Bible College because I wanted to enhance my level of higher education, but it was really important to me that it was also Christ-centered. My Christian faith means a lot to me, and since I have been at SFBC, my educational quality has been second to none. I have never had an experience where the professors were so concerned with the level of education I was getting. I am able to be a blessing to others because the college has blessed me so much.

Student Testimonial: Savannah C.

I am not the person that I was before starting SFBC. I have grown in every aspect of my life. Intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. I’ve grown so much and so fast recently that I have to stop and check myself. Am I really doing this? It’s been amazing!

Student Testimonial: Jeremy A.

South Florida Bible College has not only allowed me to grow in my education, but also in my faith — my Christian beliefs and values. SFBC is the bright light for my future, not only for my current career, but for my family as well. It allows me the time to be present within the lives of my loved ones.

Student Testimonial: David B.

SFBC has given me the chance to find God in everything I do, from Bible classes to math classes and has provided me with professors and classmates who love me and encourage me. I have found a home at SFBC , and I cannot thank God enough for opening this door in my life.

Student Testimonial: Casey P.

Imagining a world with better communities is what drives Casey. It’s why he brings what he learns in class to work and why he’s bridging the gap between his experience and at-risk youth — by coaching football.

Student Testimonial: Elaine R.

I am an International Student from Brazil and I have a degree in Forensic Accounting. I was born into a Christian family and it has always been hard to integrate my faith with my professional field. I have two different degrees from secular universities, however South Florida Bible College has given me the knowledge I need to integrate my faith with my profession. I pray for more students to share the same experience I have had and be blessed as I have been coming here

Student Testimonial: Needa P.

SFBC has allowed me not only to grow academically but spiritually as well. I am an older student. If I can do it anybody can. SFBC sets its students up for success.

Student Testimonial: Fitzgerald B.

SFBC has made a huge difference in my life. I have been able to fulfill a dream of getting my degree. It has been hard at times with studies, but the staff at SFBC has made it easy. My classes have helped me at my job, and I have inspired others to get their degree from SFBC.