SFBC Goals & Objectives

To accomplish its mission, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary embraces six goal-oriented objectives.

  1. The College and Seminary encourages an actively engaged and inclusive learning community based upon Christian tenets, the Holy Bible, trust, integrity, respect, and diversity in a safe, welcoming physical environment.
  2. The College and Seminary will help to prepare students for careers in ministry and for life-long learning by providing a clearly defined general education program, focused undergraduate and graduate programs, and by providing support through information literacy.
  3. The College and Seminary will continue to strengthen its role as a provider of graduate education, offering scholarly and/or professional graduate programs including collaborations with other learning institutes and professionals, culminating in student expertise at professional levels.
  4. The College and Seminary will offer advising, support services, and learning experiences that aid students in helping to identify life and ministry goals, planning academic careers, and achieving timely graduation.
  5. The College and Seminary will promote professional development of all members of its academic community in order to achieve excellence in learning through teaching and ministry.
  6. The College and Seminary, as a whole and in all of its parts, will continue to establish thorough priorities and assessment policies that anticipate our needs and focus our efforts and resources in support of our mission, vision, and goals for the college and seminary.