SFBC’s Institutional Goals

  • The College and Seminary strives to educate Christian men and women to be transformational leaders in life and ministry, impacting culture and fulfilling the great commission.
  • The College and Seminary commits to provide adequate financial, physical, human, and technological resources for student and faculty development and spiritual growth relative to its mission.
  • The College and Seminary embodies and facilitates diversity through culturally rich learning opportunities, which prepare students to impact local and global communities to further the Kingdom of Christ.
  • The College and Seminary equips men and women to study, research, and analyze various theological and philosophical perspectives from a Biblical worldview across undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • The College and Seminary fosters student learning through a strictly aligned curriculum and consistent academic rigor across all programs.
  • The College and Seminary is committed to serving students intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually through: A curriculum based on the Holy Bible, information literacy, spiritual formation programs, wellness programs, and other support services.
  • The College and Seminary offers placement and academic support services for domestic and international students to achieve timely graduation and to succeed in higher education, careers, and ministry.
  • The College and Seminary actively supports its mission through systematic research, planning, and evaluation processes, cultivating a culture of continuous improvement across the Institution.