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Prospective Students


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General Admissions Policies

South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary considers all applicants, regardless of religious affiliation, race, ethnic heritage, gender, age, or physical ability. Students who have graduated from high school or the equivalent (General Education Development (GED) certificate holders), individuals whose high school class has graduated, as well as current high school students who meet the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program criteria or the Supplemental Enrollment criteria may apply for admission to SFBC&TS. Students will be charged a non-refundable registration/application fee.

Admission to the college does not automatically qualify a student for all courses and curricula of the college; some of the course offerings and programs have special prerequisites.

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Degree Seeking Applicants

  1. Application. Complete the application form and return it to the Admissions Office.
  2. Submit your Personal Testimony and return it with your application.
  3. Application Fee $75.00. Non-refundable.
  4. Transcripts. Submit all official transcripts of high school, college, and/or graduate work.
  5. Letter of recommendation from your pastor.
  6. Set appointment for Interview

Priority will be given to applications received four (4) weeks or more before the first day of classes each term. All applicants must submit an application for admission, available from the Admissions Office.

International students and students for whom English is their second language must satisfy additional requirements for admission. See International Admissions Policies and Procedures.

Transfer Students

According to the Department of Education, students who transfer from nonpublic institutions that participate in the SCNS enjoy the same rights to guaranteed course transfer as students from Florida public institutions. Courses with the same prefix and last three digits – those that have been deemed equivalent by an SCNS faculty discipline committee – are guaranteed transfer to another institution offering that course (subject to standard system-wide exemptions). This credit will satisfy institutional requirements as though the student took that course at the receiving institution. No additional documentation is required to validate the transfer of equivalent courses; in the process of assigning course numbers, the Department of Education has already ensured that the teaching faculty possess credentials comparable to those at regionally accredited institutions. Again, receiving institutions must award this transfer credit for equivalent courses regardless of whether the accreditation of the participating institution is regional or national.