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Online Degrees

Online Academic Advising

Each time you register for a new semester of courses, you will review your academic plan with an adviser at the institution. The college is committed to ensuring that the courses you need are available for completion within the proper time-frame. We all know that life situations arise, necessitating a change of plans. Your adviser will be able to re-work your timeline with you and make sure you stay on the road to completion.

Online Financial Services

The Financial Aid Director on campus can assist you with questions, documentation, options, and general counsel. Please call or stop by the Financial Aid office if you have any questions (954) 637-2279 or email: financialaid@sfbc.edu

Online School Orientation

SFBC will send you the Orientation link to help you with the following:

  • Who you are working with – Faculty and Staff
  • What is important for Distance Education – Requirements
  • Where to go with questions – Contacts
  • When will you succeed – Tips for Success
  • Why it is important to stay connected – Completion

Online Counseling

All college students need help at one time or another. Distance education students face MANY new situations, such as starting courses, making life-changing decisions, changing their routines, handling additional financial requirements, and building new relationships with students and instructors. Our staff knows that it can be hard! That is why we have several people available to help you throughout and beyond your college career. We are committed to your success in life. Take time to seek counsel and find victory!

Online Personal Assistance

If your needs are more personal in nature, be assured that you can find counsel and prayerful support at SFBC. If you have pastoral and/or parental support, we encourage you to share with them your victories, your concerns, and your frustrations so they can keep praying for you. But, also remember that SFBC staff members want you to succeed in every area of your life. Please contact us if you ever have any questions!