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Theological Seminary School Degrees

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Seminary Master’s programs are designed as professional degrees that require extensive study and proficiency from a university or seminary.  Seminary Master degrees are not terminal degrees, but are preparation for doctoral study.

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South Florida Theological Seminary (SFTS) offers the following Masters degrees ONLINE as well as on campus:

Degrees for Graduate Programs

Masters:  Baccalaureate degree, enrolled in Masters Program

Time Limitations:

Degrees for Masters

36 hour program                                     2 years

90 hour program                                     6 years

Seminary Graduate Programs Purpose

Seminary graduate programs are designed specifically to prepare students for full-time ministry.  All seminary academics are compiled toward producing a highly qualified, full-time minister of the Gospel.

Final Assessment

The Final Assessment of each student’s record offers the Thesis Review Committee an opportunity to review and assess the results of all completed course work assignments, as well as the Thesis portion of each student’s program.  The Final Assessment is intended to determine whether the student’s demonstrated level of competence and learning outcomes are, in fact, comparable to those expected from a student in a more traditional setting.

Upon successful completion of the review and assessment, the student will receive an immediate acknowledgment, by letter, of the satisfaction of all graduation requirements.  A formal Thesis Review Committee Report will be placed in the students’ records.  The degree and an official transcript will be mailed to the graduate on receipt from the engraver.  The process normally requires four weeks.