image of Dr. Rogers
Rhianna Rogers, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor, 2006
Division of General Studies (College)
M.A., Florida Atlantic University
Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
Expertise: History, Anthropology, New World Colonization, Christian Conversion


NFC-Cheektowaga- Mentor/Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies (2010-present)

MA in Liberal Studies – Core Faculty (2012-present)

MA in Policy Studies – Research Methods Faculty (2014-present)

SUNY REAL/ESC/Lumina/IITG/TAAC Grant- Academic Team (2012-2014)

Native American SUNY: Western Consortium – Co-Grantee (2014-present)

AOS Co-Convener (a.k.a. Department Co-Chair) Interdisciplinary Studies (2014-present)

OPEN SUNY Fellow – Innovation and Research (2014-present)


Rhianna is trained as both an anthropological-archaeologist and historian, specializing in Mesoamerica and native cultures of the United States. She received a certificate in Ethnic Studies, a B.A. in Social Sciences (Anthropology Major and History Minor), an M.A. in History, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies (Anthropology Major and History Minor) from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.She is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) with over eight years of field and museum experience. She has worked in both academic and public archaeology as well as in historic preservation and museum studies. Her interests have taken her to various geographic locations to conduct research, including the South and Northeastern United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain.

She has dual appointments at SUNY ESC-Niagara Frontier Center and in the SUNY ESC Graduate College as a tenure-track faculty member/mentor. She teaches courses in Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Native American Studies, Historical Studies, Research Methods, and the Social Sciences. Additionally, she was (AY 2011-2013) the founding Faculty Advisor for the NFC Student Club- CARES (College Achievement Requires Engaged Students) and is a current co-facilitator for the newly formed ESC Graduate Student Association (AY 2014-present).


Cultural Studies, Native American Studies, Anthropology (Archaeology), Latin American History, Colonial U.S. History, Mesoamerican History and Archaeology, Social Science Research and Methods, Museums Studies, Public History and Archaeology, Artifact Analysis, Digital Anthropology, Gender Studies, and Emerging Technologies in Teaching (OERs)