SFBC&TS Administration

The Administration at the College and Seminary are under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and are responsible for the implementation of the policy of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Mary A. Drabik
Dr. Mary A. DrabikPresident
Paula Stevenson
Paula StevensonLibrarian
Dr. Becky Emerson
Dr. Becky EmersonChaplain
Joshua Drabik
Joshua DrabikDirector of Marketing
Beth Hall
Beth HallEAP Director
Bruce Wagner
Bruce WagnerAssistant Librarian
Deanna Perez
Deanna PerezRN
Josiah Stephan
Josiah StephanExecutive Vice President
Dr. Thomas Drabik, Jr.
Dr. Thomas Drabik, Jr.Financial Aid Director
Dr. Jodyann Reid
Dr. Jodyann ReidDean of Academics
Daniel Drabik
Daniel DrabikDirector of Assessment
Lara Ferreira
Lara FerreiraDirector of Admissions
Neeta Prakash
Neeta PrakashAdministrative Assistant
Mike Jarvis
Mike JarvisSpecial Assistant to Pres.
Dr. John Stevenson
Dr. John StevensonUndergraduate Director
Dr. Esa Autero
Dr. Esa AuteroDean of Faculty
Refik Ozbay
Refik OzbayDean of Student Services
Germil Agenor
Germil AgenorDean of Enrollment
Criss Bertling
Criss BertlingH.R. Director
Carol Midkiff
Carol MidkiffFaculty Support
Dr. Michael Rackley
Dr. Michael RackleyRegistrar