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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Business Management

On completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Business Management, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Recognize and interpret general business ethics, values, and principles;
  2. Develop and apply Biblical leadership in business practices;
  3. Formulate business strategies and apply them to a practical project; and
  4. Demonstrate the importance of the Biblical worldview in Christian Business Management.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Business Management will prepare the student for the purpose of developing ethical servant leaders who can transform a global society for the kingdom of Christ.

Breakdown of Core Curriculum

Bible Requirements
BBL1101Old Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL1111Biblical Covenants3 Credits
BBL1151New Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL2201Bible Doctrines Survey3 Credits
Bible Electives12 Credits
General Education Requirements
ENC1101English Composition I3 Credits
ENC1102English Composition II3 Credits
ENL2010Literature3 Credits
WOH1012History of Civilization I3 Credits
MAC1105College Algebra I3 Credits
MIN1101Introduction to Evangelism3 Credits
REL2300World Religions3 Credits
ESC1000Earth Science3 Credits
SPC1024Speech3 Credits
PHI2100Introduction to Logic3 Credits
PHI2010Philosophy3 Credit
PSY2012Psychology3 Credits
Core Curriculum
ACG3001Accounting3 Credits
BBL1131Christian Character of Leaders3 Credits
MAN2021Principles of Management3 Credits
GEB3213Business Communication3 Credits
BUS4450Internship3 Credits
BUS261Business Leadership3 Credits
GEB3431Business Ethics3 Credits
BUS310Christian Business Management3 Credits
BUL4264Business Law3 Credits
STA2023Statistics3 Credits
MAR3023Marketing Management3 Credits
BUS4460Senior Seminar3 Credits
ECO2023Principles of Micro-Economics3 Credits
MAN3310Human Resource Mgmt.3 Credits
MIN2205Leadership: Team Ministry3 Credits
Electives6 Credits
Total: 120 Credits