Master of Arts (M.A.) in Biblical Studies

Ranked Top 10 In Affordability

36 Credit Hours – Accredited

100% Online or On-Campus

No GRE required

Our Master’s in Biblical Studies degree online will provide you with a detailed look at the various books of the Bible and create a well-rounded framework for Biblical study. By earning your Master’s in Biblical Studies degree online, you will receive in-depth knowledge of the Old and New Testament and an understanding of integral Biblical foundations. Our Masters in Biblical Studies degree is designed to teach the Bible in ways that enhance more rich research skills and gain a high level of understanding.

Available to be completed in 2 years, our Master’s degree in Biblical Studies is targeting for students who wish to further their knowledge of the Bible, become potential global missionaries or biblical scholars, or provide higher education instruction. Each of the courses within our Master’s in Biblical Studies degree online builds upon an enhanced focused of research. This is accomplished by providing courses that hone in on the various hermeneutics of the Bible. This program will also provide opportunities for exploration of the Old and New Testament, Apologetics, and Church History. This course is ideal for those who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies.

SFBC’s Master’s in Biblical Studies degree online is designed to help you examine Biblical passages using advanced research skills and exegesis. Through exciting Bible classes, you will have the opportunity to create original research covering current Biblical studies topics as you examine major critical issues in the Old and New Testaments from a conservative evangelical perspective.

Potential Career Options with a Masters of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies

    • Higher Education Instruction
    • PhD Education
    • Global Missionary Ministry
    • Research Author

Benefits of the Online Masters of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies

By earning your masters degree online from an accredited, nonprofit institution, you can be confident your degree will be well respected within your field. Tuition for all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs is ranked Top 10 in the country, with no out of state tuition. While many other online colleges have raised tuition, SFBC has been able to keep costs low as a nonprofit institution. You can complete this Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree program in less than two years! SFBC also offers Senior Pastor discounts on tuition and Military Benefits.

Through the M.A. degree in Biblical Studies, you will study:

    • Old & New Testament Survey
    • Biblical Hermeneutics
    • Systematic Theology
    • Church History

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