Full Time Professor, 2015
Division of Biblical Studies
B.A., Florida Atlantic University
M.A., South Florida Theological Seminary
Expertise: Bible, Ministry

Joshua Drabik was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business from Florida Atlantic University (2010) and a Master’s of Biblical Studies (2015).

Joshua Drabik has taught at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary since 2015, and currently is the IT Director, as well as the Business Department Chair at the College.

• Lead role in web design/online marketing tactics.
• Maintained congruency between the school’s board-approved mission statement and all academic activities.
• Returned all emails and voice message within 1 business day.
• Ensured compliance with legal requirements of government regulations and agencies; maintained the educational standards established by those agencies that examine and accredit the school, regarding information technology.
• Performed regular edits of the school website, including periodic major changes to site structure.
• Developed a plan and assessment report for online marketing programs, including Facebook, YouTube, Constant Contact, and the Website.
• Helped with government and accreditation reporting in various departments.
• Provided technical support to all staff, faculty, and students.
• Made annual improvements to the Information Technology’s policies and procedures.
• Advised a specified number of students in appropriate areas of their academic life.
• Supported the school and its leadership.
• Taught a limited course load as permitted by administrative responsibilities.
• Possess outstanding communicative skills (oral and written).
• Remained current in technology through research and study; continuing education; and acquisition of advanced credentials.
• Possessed the ability to represent professionally the college and seminary at business events, meetings, and in all public forums.
• Provided assessment reports from students, faculty, and staff.
• SEVIS Official, as well as student advisor for classes
• Also, does payroll for all employees


  • English Composition 1
  • English Composition 2
  • Principles of Management
  • Economics
  • Classics of Christian Literature
  • Christian Ethics
  • Business Leadership