On Campus Only Students

  • Attendance (“Commuter”) only – Attendance will be taken at all class sessions.  A substantial portion of student grades is participation in class discussion.  South Florida Bible College believes class interaction is necessary to enrich student education.  Prompt and consistent attendance is expected for all students enrolled at South Florida Bible College.  Chapel attendance is mandatory.  On chapel nights, attendance will be taken by the students’ teachers as part of the students’ grades.
  • Unexcused Absence – When a student has four (4) unexcused absences from any one course, it will result in automatic withdrawal from that course, which may result in failure of that course.
  • Excused Absence – To qualify as an “excused absence”, your absence must be approved by your instructor prior to the class.  Excused absences are not cause for automatic withdrawal or reduction of final score.
  • Tardiness – Classes start promptly at the scheduled time. “Tardy” is defined as being at least fifteen (15) minutes late to class. Three (3) “tardies” will be counted as one (1) unexcused absence.