image of Dr. Frias

Adjunct Instructor, 2012
Division of Christian Education
B.S. in Education, St. John’s University
M.S. in Education, Adelphi University & Baruch College
Doctoral in Religious Education, South Florida Theological Seminary
Expertise: Religious Education

Dr. Victor Frias has been an educator for the last twenty years serving in various capacities in New York City, Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach Counties.

These positions include teacher, assistant principal and most currently as a high school principal in West Palm Beach Florida. Dr. Frias has also been an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary since 2005. He is a member of the Education Department where he teaches History, Economics and Government and Education courses.

Dr. Frias is the founder and CEO of VHVF Tutoring Educational Services. He holds several degrees including two masters and a doctorate in Religious Education. He is the proud father of three wonderful children and a grandfather. He has a passion for education, music, languages, evangelizing and servitude. Dr. Frias currently resides in Broward County and is a member of Coral Glades Church.