Doctorate in Religious Education
Doctor of Religious Education (D.R.E.)

This program is not accepting new students effective January 2011.

The Doctor of Religious Education is designed to meet your professional development needs as a Christian education leader. Candidates will grow in their ability to enhance God’s kingdom work in Christian schools or colleges and represent Christian education perspectives in the broader society.

Graduates should be able to:

Understand biblical perspectives, foundational theories, research findings, cultural/sociological dynamics, and alternative models for educating diverse learners in contemporary Christian schools or colleges.
Understand biblical perspectives, theoretical approaches, research findings, and alternative models of effective leadership and functioning of organizations, and groups and individuals within organizations.
Understand the components and process of quantitative and qualitative research with a view to solving educational questions/problems.
All candidates must demonstrate satisfactory competence on all outcomes.
This program of study consists of thirty credit hours of specific and independent studies. The goal of this graduate program is to prepare teachers and administrators in the field of religious education. Applicants are seeking to become teachers and/or administrators in bible schools/colleges or Christian schools.

Program Requirements

Thirty credit hours of directed and independent studies that include documented research and reading of 20,000 pages (i.e., a minimum bibliography of sixty books and journal articles).
The dissertation must be typewritten, double spaced, and not less than 150 pages, covering a topic in the student’s field of study.