Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Christian Counseling

This program is no longer accepting applications

Course work in Christian Counseling and Christian Marriage and Family Counseling prepares our students to attend to issues of faith and spirituality while addressing the mental health needs of persons. SFBC&TS Counseling programs integrates faith and reasoning in the helping profession.

Graduates should be able to:

Demonstrate the ability to provide counseling services to the church and community.
Be prepared to contribute to the development of knowledge as it relates to integrating faith and reasoning.
Be equipped to apply insights of Christian theology along with the knowledge and techniques of the behavioral sciences.

This program of study consists of forty-two credit hours of study and counseling practicum. The student must hold a masters degree in a related field of study and have a minimum 600 hours of clinical experience.

Program Requirements

Forty-two credit hours of directed and independent studies that include documented research and reading of 20,000 pages (i.e., a minimum bibliography of sixty books and journal articles).
Dissertation must be typewritten, double spaced, and not less than 150 pages, covering a topic in the student’s field of study.
Two thousand hours of internship with a mental health provider; i.e., licensed Christian Counselor, psychologist, etc., approved by the Provost Office.