College For A Day At SFBC

Thursday, February 20th @ 2pm. Come out and experience what life at SFBC is like! Meet & Greet Professors as well as Current & Future Students. Let us know you're coming by clicking here.

College For A Day At SFBC2020-02-12T10:11:42-05:00

Hot Chocolate & Cookies Popup

February 10 & 11th. Located in the Student Lounge. Stop by for some free cookies and hot chocolate! Donations always appreciated.

Hot Chocolate & Cookies Popup2020-02-06T11:07:42-05:00

6 Proofs for God’s Existence Debate

Friday, January 31st @ 7pm. Will be held in Founder's Hall. Register Here to get your free tickets! There will be a Q&A session at the end, so come with questions.

6 Proofs for God’s Existence Debate2020-01-28T14:52:40-05:00

Welcome Week Spring 2020

January 13th - 16th. Free Coffee & Cookies in the mornings! Free pizza in the afternoons! Location: Student Lounge.

Welcome Week Spring 20202020-01-13T10:58:12-05:00

Orientation Spring 2020

January 8th & 9th @ 1 pm. Check with your Admissions Counselor to see which one you need to attend! You can RSVP here if you haven't yet.

Orientation Spring 20202019-12-19T16:33:36-05:00