Bill Carlson, Director

William “Bill” Carlson’s journey began when he relocated to Florida from Wisconsin with his
parents as a young college student in 1967. Intent on establishing a business, he later returned
to college and earned a BA in philosophy and history in 1969.
Following a life-changing conversion experience at Coral Ridge Presbyterian, Bill pursued his
spiritual calling by enrolling at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He completed his Master
of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1974, deepening his understanding of theology
and ministry.
Over the course of two decades, Bill served as a pastor alongside his wife Linda, ministering in
various locations such as Massachusetts, Alabama, and eventually returning to Florida.
However, his life took a different turn when his father was diagnosed with ALS. In a selfless act
of support, he transitioned to assist his family and took on the responsibility of managing their
commercial property and thriving dry cleaning business. Today, he is the proud owner and
operator of the business, which he runs alongside his sister.
Bill’s involvement in the community expanded beyond his role as a business owner. He became
a dedicated Community Organizer, actively participating in the Pompano Downtown
Redevelopment process. This initiative resulted in the establishment of notable establishments
like Houston’s Restaurant, Oceanside Condo, and the revitalization of the Pompano beachfront.
His commitment to social outreach and spreading goodwill was evident through his
participation in various humanitarian efforts. He engaged in post-riot outreach with Hope for LA
and embarked on missionary journeys to countries like India, Germany, Brazil, and Haiti,
bringing aid and hope to those in need.
Bill’s passion for evangelism has never diminished, fueling his involvement in several
meaningful activities. He devoted time to Jail ministry, acted as a teacher at Banyan rehab,
engaged in street preaching, conducted homeless outreach, participated in the Mayor’s prayer
gatherings, and contributed to Gideons bible distributions. His commitment extended to events
like “Florida for Jesus” and “Ignite” home bible study, where he continued to inspire and uplift
those around him.
Life took another unexpected turn when Bill’s beloved wife of 40 years passed away. However,
he found love again and has remarried. Currently, he resides in Deerfield with his loving wife
Laura and their adorable dachshund, Kelsie. Their family has blended, with four children and
eight grandchildren, adding to their joy and sense of purpose.
Throughout the years, Bill Carlson has remained a beacon of compassion, dedication, and
evangelistic fervor. His life’s journey is a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the
profound impact one person can have on their community and beyond.