Allison Duine

President & Creative Director – Intersection Online, Inc.

Allison DuineAllison Duine is an accomplished and versatile design expert and brand strategist with nearly three decades of professional experience. Her portfolio features nationally acclaimed projects spanning the spectrum from bootstrap pre-venture startups and nonprofits to Fortune 100 corporations and some high-profile celebrities.

Allison’s dedication to nonprofit and faith-based organizations mirrors her deep-rooted passion for projects with purpose, defining the very essence of her work.

As a seasoned creative professional, Allison possesses a reservoir of expertise spanning graphic design, web design, branding, and marketing. Throughout her career, she has honed the art of creating compelling visual identities and digital experiences that translate into concrete results. With an established track record of creating unforgettable brands and executing successful marketing campaigns, she is the trusted authority for translating concepts into impactful visuals and strategies that not only leave an indelible mark but also yield resounding success.

In her role as President and Creative Director at Intersection Online, Allison seamlessly marries design-driven insights with strategic creative thinking, consistently delivering impactful outcomes that align with and advance business objectives.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Allison finds joy in the company of her husband of 19 years and their two special needs cats. In her leisure time, she dedicates herself to fitness and engages in bible study, nurturing both body and spirit.