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Our Goal is for Students to Graduate Debt Free!

Degrees Offered

Associate of Arts (A.A.), Bachelor of Arts(B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Arts in Ministry (M.Div)

Online Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as on-campus degrees and courses, are offered at our college and seminary. The Lord has richly blessed our efforts through the years.  In 2015, SFBC&TS celebrated its 30th year in the Lord’s service. SFBC&TS provides a theological education where Biblical standards of Christian faith and life are established and maintained. This is accomplished through quality instruction, the study of theological concepts, cultivation of a spiritual life, and performance of Christian service. These are true “works of service through which the body of Christ may be edified.”

The Bible

The Bible is central here at SFBC&TS, and whether online or on-campus, students are challenged to think critically; work independently, communicate clearly, and express themselves creatively while at the same time offering students a warm, personal college setting that many institutions aspire to attain. Many SFBC&TS graduates achieve success as teachers, administrators, youth ministers, missionaries, pastors, counselors, as well as obtain accomplishments in other professions. Whether attending part-time or full-time, on campus or through distance learning, students can fulfill God’s educational plans for their lives while, at the same time, spreading the Gospel to non-believers and sharing the love of Jesus with fellow Christians.

Our Campus

We are close to many amenities in South Florida. The Campus for South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary is situated in Deerfield Beach, Florida, near beaches, tourist attractions, resorts. The campus is less than 3 miles from the beautiful beach and Deerfield Pier, and is within 30 minutes of three major airports. The campus is approximately 50,000 sq. ft. including classrooms, chapel, 8,000 sq. ft. Steven R. Sylvester library, and Founders Hall & chapel.  The library houses the college’s huge collection of books, journals, periodicals, as well as learning and computer resources for student use.

Directions to SFBC&TS in Florida may be obtained through the Contact Us link. We may also be reached by telephone at 954.637.2268 and email admissions@sfbc.edu.

 According to Florida Smart, the State of Florida has

  • Ten State Universities
  • Twenty-eight Community Colleges
  • Sixty-eight private Colleges & Universities
  • Only fifteen of the sixty-eight private Colleges and Universities are Bible Colleges
  • Only two of the fifteen Bible Colleges are in Broward County
  • Only one of the Bible colleges in Broward County, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary, offers all this:
  • Non-denominational focus
  • Undergraduate programs in Theology
  • Graduate programs in Theology
  • Programs in Theology for international students
  • Programs in Theology taught in Portuguese
  • Programs in Theology on campus or by Distance Learning A growing international presence

The only other Bible seminary in Broward County offers graduate-level only courses, and offers them from a reformed, Presbyterian point of view, not a non-denominational view.

In the surrounding counties, Dade and Palm Beach, there are approximately five other Bible colleges, and three of them are Catholic.  Of the other two, one school only offers courses on the Internet, and thus cannot accept international students.  The other offers a few undergraduate Bible classes, but no theological degrees.

From this, it can be seen that SFBC&TS has a unique role to play, not only in Broward County, but in all of South Florida, and the United States.  It is the only non-denominational bible college and seminary that can offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees to international students.

Through many miraculous interventions from God, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary began.  SFBC&TS continues to experience miracles and tremendous growth.  Please feel free to contact us should you have questions or if you’d like to receive information about SFBC&TS.

Dr. Joseph Guadagnino, Founder
Dr. Joseph Guadagnino, FounderChancellor
South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary (SFBC&TS) was established in 1985, by its founder, Dr. Joseph Guadagnino. Dr. Guadagnino wanted to provide a non-denominational institution of higher learning where men and women could fulfill the call of God upon their lives. SFBC&TS began as a Bible Institute in 1985, evolving into a Bible College and Seminary in 1988. The first graduating class was in June 1990, with eighty (80) graduates.

Dr. Guadagnino, having been in the ministry for over 25 years, brought great insight and knowledge in how to run a successful ministry.  South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary was in its original location for over 25 years. The facility was originally a movie theatre, called the “Ultra-Vision Theatres,” which was the ultimate vision for the ministry of South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary.  In 2011, the Institution moved to a modern facility providing a more traditional college experience for the students.

Dr. Mary Drabik
Dr. Mary DrabikPresident
Dr. Drabik having been with the institution since 1989, brought with her the experience of running all aspects of an Institution of Higher Learning. When the Founder and first President, Dr. Joseph Guadagnino, moved to Chancellor at the beginning of 2016, the Board of Directors inaugurated Dr. Mary Drabik as the institution’s second President. For more information on the President, you can read her biography.