Master of Arts (M.A.) in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling

This program is not accepting new students effective January 2011.

The objectives of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling program is to produce students able to:

    • Minister in a support role based upon an ability to serve with a clear biblical and theological foundation
    • Understand the nature of the family and to develop ministry strategies from a biblical perspective in light of contemporary culture
    • Define strategies for evangelism and church planting
    • Support pastors of local churches in matters of leadership and people management
    • Have exposure to a variety of communication skills including expository preaching, small-group leadership, teaching, and one-on-one dialogue
    • Assess counseling needs and develop listening, guidance, and relational skills

This degree program is designed to prepare the student who will occupy the office of pastor or related church ministry. The various functions, duties, and responsibilities of the pastor will be examined, as well as preparation in dealing with each of these aspects.

This program consists of sixty credit hours of classroom, specific and/or independent studies.

Breakdown of core curriculum...
ClassClass DescriptionCredits
CCO600Women: The Misunderstood Majority
3 Credits
CCO610Law for the Christian Counselor
3 Credits
CCO618Pastoral Counseling
3 Credits
CCO620Pastoral Counseling Across Cultures
3 Credits
CCO622Mediation3 Credits
CCO634Marriage Counseling
3 Credits
CCO652Christian Counseling3 Credits
HIS502History of Christianity I
3 Credits
MIN501Homiletics: Moves and Structures
3 Credits
MIN505Making of a Leader
3 Credits
MIN611Pastoral Theology
3 Credits
MIN612Pastoral Care in the Church
3 Credits
THE661Biblical Hermeneutics
3 Credits
CED612Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum3 Credits
  Bible Electives
6 Credits
  Lab work
6 Credits
  Thesis6 Credits
  Total: 60 Credits