Master of Science (M.S.) in Christian Clinical Counseling

This program is not accepting new students effective January 2011.

The objectives of the Master of Science in Chrisitan Clinical Counseling program is to produce students able to:

    • Through the gifts of Christ, minister to persons in need by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • Cultivate competency in human services that can only result from cooperation with the Holy Spirit in obedience to God.
    • Develop expertise in the various functions of the counseling, marriage and family or social services within the Christian community.
    • Clarify the student’s sense of identity and mission.
    • Verify the skills and competency by actual practice of counseling.
    • Determine one’s readiness for working in Christian human services.

An applicant should have earned a Bachelor's degree in Christian Clinical Counseling, or a related field, and should have a minimum of five years full-time, paid occupational/life learning experience related to the Psychology major.

Breakdown of core curriculum...
ClassClass DescriptionCredits
PSY501Developmental Psychology3 Credits
PSY503Human Sexuality3 Credits
PSY505Psychopathology3 Credits
PSY507Cross Cultural Morals & Values3 Credits
PSY509Theories of Marriage, Family, & Child Counseling3 Credits
PSY511Professional Ethics & the Law3 Credits
PSY512General Psychology3 Credits
PSY513Inter-Personal Communications3 Credits
PSY515Applied Psychotherapeutic Techniques of Marriage, Family & Child Counseling3 Credits
PSY517Alcohol & Chemical Substance Abuse3 Credits
PSY519Psychology of Adult Development & Aging3 Credits
PSY523Career Planning3 Credits
PSY525Counseling Systems & Techniques3 Credits
PSY527Assessment Techniques3 Credits
BAM515Organizational Behavior3 Credits
CED612Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum3 Credits
  Bible Electives6 Credits
  Thesis6 Credits
  Total: 60 Credits