Dr. George Fredericks







Adjunct Professor, 1992
Division of Biblical Studies
Ma.BS., Trinity International University
Th.M., Tyndale Theological Seminary
Th.D., Old Testament Archeology & Semitic Languages
Expertise: Bible, Languages

Dr. George Fredericks, Jr. has been the Archaeologist and a senior teaching associate at The Holy Land Experience in Orlando Florida since 2001. He completed a doctoral degree in Old Testament archaeology and languages. He has studied in the areas of the Dead Sea Scroll research, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Sahidic Coptic. He served as Academic Dean at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary in 1992, and is an adjunct professor. Dr. Fredericks has also taught for Moody Bible Institute, Tyndale Theological Seminary, and Trinity International University. He served as a pastor in Texas and Florida, and was a missionary in Honduras for three years. Dr. Fredericks has written articles for The Complete Biblical Library Hebrew Lexicon, Sola Scriptura Magazine, and worked on The Red Letter Easy Reading King James Bible. Dr. Fredericks’ greatest joys in his life are his God, his wife Caralee, and daughters Alexis and Amy.