SFBC&TS’ business and student operations are designed to be administered in an atmosphere of collegiate congeniality.  Civility, respect, the Golden Rule, and Christian attitudes and actions are expected of all faculty, staff and students.  Whenever a situation occurs that results in a student feeling that he/she has been slighted, harassed, or abused—intentionally or unintentionally—SFBC&TS will not tolerate such behavior and will act to correct the situation.  In order for SFBC&TS to officially respond, the student must submit a “Grievance Form.”  The “Grievance Form” may be obtained from the Academic Dean, the Provost, the Registrar, or any staff member in the front office.  The following provides the next steps required of the student who is reporting an offense.

  1. Complete the entire “Grievance Form” and send it to the Academic Dean. The student will be asked to meet with the Academic Dean to discuss the problem and the circumstances involving the incident(s).
  2. The Academic Dean will undertake the first level of response. The Academic Dean will meet and speak with the offender and inform him/her that his/her actions may be in violation of SFBC&TS’ policies. The offender will be instructed to cease any offending actions and warned not to repeat the behavior. If the offender is a SFBC&TS student, the student’s file will be annotated to reflect that he/she received an official warning regarding inappropriate behavior. If the offense continues, the Academic Dean will escalate the issue to the Provost.
    • *If the offender is a member of SFBC&TS’ faculty or staff, the problem is immediately escalated to the Provost and to the president.  The Provost after investigating the accusation will determine the punitive measures, if any are needed.
  3. If the problem is escalated to the Provost, the student offender will be counseled and warned assertively. The Provost will determine the punitive measures the student will receive, and these can include suspension and expulsion. In the event a student is expelled, no monetary refunds will be made under any circumstances. Any request by the student to reapply to SFBC&TS must be made by letter to the Provost. The Provost will determine if and under what circumstances the student may re-matriculate at SFBC&TS. If the student is permitted to reapply, the student must enroll as a first-time student and pay all applicable fees, tuition, etc.
  4. Any student deemed culpable of inappropriate actions may appeal the Provost’s decision to SFBC&TS’ president. The president, after reviewing all documents and interview records, may elect to speak with the student.  If the president feels the process has been adjudicated appropriately, the president will uphold the Provost’s decision.
  5. SFBC&TS will retain all documentation on-file in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.