The Real Meaning of the Passover


Come and join us for the Real Meaning of Passover. See how the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has faithfully incorporated the death, burial and resurrection of His Messiah in the traditional Orthodox Seder. A Biblical celebration that has taken place in Jewish homes on every Passover since the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. Discover what really took place during the Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples on the night before His crucifixion. You will marvel at God’s great faithfulness to communicate the gospel to the lost sheep of the House of Israel in the traditional Orthodox Seder. [...]

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6 Proofs For God’s Existence


There are those who believe in God, but are not equipped to give answer for their faith. Come and get answers to your questions! Many have been taught that we originated by evolutionary means, but cannot give an answer for the most obvious, that God is the Creator. Discover six basic questions that lead to the truth that we are Created by a benevolent Creator. Use the answers to these questions and much more during this evening presentation to be ready to give a reason for the Hope we have within us.

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