1. General Education core completed by high school graduation.
General education courses are a basic standard across colleges and universities nation-wide. The 36-credit hour general education core is comprised of oral and written communications, humanities, social/behavioral sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics.

2. Transferability
South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary holds accreditation and credentials that allow credit transfer to other colleges and universities.
 Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)
 Florida Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS)
 Florida State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (FL-SARA)

3. Reduces overall cost of college.
The average cost of attending college in the United States is $35,331 per year, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, and daily living expenses. Completing general education coursework while in high school reduces the total time needed to complete a Bachelor’s degree after high school graduation, thereby reducing the cost per student.

4. Begin college experience with reduced course load.
Once a student has graduated high school, eligibility for financial aid requires students to take a full-time class load of 12 credit hours in an undergraduate program. During dual-enrollment, students are eligible for reduced tuition while taking any number of credits.

5. Curriculum taught from Christian worldview.
SFBC faculty and staff profess faith in Christ and demonstrate that faith both in and out of the classroom. While textbooks and class topics expose students to a variety of social and cultural perspectives, classes are taught from a Christian worldview.

6. Flexible cohort system
College Academy students will take part in a cohort system comprised of dual-enrolled high school students. Small student/teacher ratios foster deep, honest discussion among professors and students. The cohort will have a set schedule of balanced available classes each semester in growing difficulty. Students have the option to start as early as their Sophomore year of high school in order to earn the Associates Degree. Students desiring to take classes not available in the cohort schedule will have the opportunity to take additional classes in the college with the advisement of the College Academy counselor.