Center for Global Engagement

South Florida Bible College believes that every Christian has a responsibility to engage in the global mission of God. It is our goal that all SFBC students and faculty participate in God’s mission as we fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit. Throughout this page, you will see opportunities for global engagement with fellow believers in the broader community of Christ.

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Center for Global Engagement Objectives

  1. Participate in God’s mission to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Integrate classroom learning with experiential and practical hands-on ministry in a cross-cultural setting.
  3. Cultivate long-term discipleship making at home and abroad.
  4. Support and partner with existing ministries at home and abroad.

Global Engagement is a calling we have to engage with the global community of Christianity. We do this not by being their superiors and only providing aid, but learning from others around the world. SFBC seeks to expand our students’ horizons by providing opportunities for them to engage and learn from various cultures of Christianity across the globe. Opportunities are both curricular and co-curricular, challenging students to increase their global awareness and cultural sensitivity in order to effectively serve Christ in our increasingly globalized society.

Our world today is expanding culturally, and becoming more and more diverse. Increasingly, nations are growing, but coming closer together at the same time, witnessed by the diversity of cultures and people groups in our own back yards. Diversity increases in language, culture, religion beliefs, and backgrounds. As a result, students need to be prepared to serve this globalized world.

Various programs exist to serve students towards achieving a globalized mindset towards Christianity.

  • Our Annual Short Term Trip every Spring Break. Click here for information on this years trip.
  • Global Internships
  • Ministry Formation Requirements
  • Annual Love Invasion Night