Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Business Management

Tuition Ranked Top 10 Most Affordable

120 Credit Hours – Accredited

Online or On-Campus

Christian organizations are in need of courageous leaders who have the skills and business knowledge to conquer the challenges of ministry leadership effectively. Ministry leaders benefit enormously from understanding management theories, teamwork concepts, and the psychology behind leadership to create an efficient work environment.  With SFBC’s online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Business Management, you can further your education and effectively grow the Kingdom of God with impactful leadership and Biblically-based management. Become part of SFBC’s mission to Prepare Men and Women for Ministry and apply today!

Our online Bachelors in Christian Business Management degree is designed to give you the practical skills and business expertise for effective leadership and organization.  Whether you are working with a mission-based nonprofit or are in a church leadership position, you will help your organization grow and thrive as you learn to lead with grace and humility.  From a Christian perspective, you will understand how to motivate others and create a strong sense of unity in the workplace.

Every organization and business operates differently, and so our online degree program is structured to give you skills that will apply to many leadership roles while giving you the opportunity to specialize through electives.  You will learn how to run a God-honoring business from a strategic, cost-efficient standpoint and make an impact for Christ on your community.  Our Bachelors of Christian Business Management will prepare you to enter a role of leadership from a Biblical perspective confidently!

Potential Career Options with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Christian Business Management

    • Executive Leadership
    • Pastoral Leadership
    • Non-profit Organizations
    • Communications
    • Missions
    • Local Ministries
    • Social Services

Benefits of the Online Bachelors of Arts Degree in Christian Business Management

By earning your bachelor’s degree online from an accredited, nonprofit institution, you can be confident your degree will be well respected within your field. Tuition for this degree program is ranked Top 10 in the country, with no out of state tuition. While many other online colleges have raised tuition, SFBC has been able to keep costs low as a nonprofit institution. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Business Management will prepare the student for the purpose of developing ethical servant leaders who can transform a global society for the kingdom of Christ.

Through the B.A. degree in Christian Business Management, you will study:

    • Accounting
    • Principles of Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Business Leadership
    • Marketing Management

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