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Affordable College & Seminary

ABHE’s 10 Most Affordable Bible Colleges

SFBC is listed as Top 10 most affordable Bible Colleges by ABHE and the Affordable Colleges website.

Tuition: $265 per credit for our Bachelor’s Degrees and our Master’s Degrees – ranked top 10 in the nation!

Online courses and programs are also offered at this seminary. South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary was founded in 1985 to prepare students for service in Christian education. SFBC&TS is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and had a100% retention rate in 2013 for first-year students enrolled full time in a bachelor’s degree program. This college values flexible learning options and offers advanced placement (AP) credit to high school students, online learning options for undergraduate and graduate students, weekend and evening courses, and credit for life experience to some qualified students. The student-teacher ratio is 8:1, and popular subjects of study at this college include subjects that explore the Bible, Christian counseling majors, Christian business majors, and how they relate to ministry today. See more About Us or check out our Admissions policies.

All Fees must be paid in U.S. Dollars

Application Fee $75.00

This $75.00 fee is non-refundable, whether the student is applying for a degree or non-degree program. The fee is to be submitted with the initial application. No application will be processed until the fee is paid. For immediate assistance, Contact Us.

Registration Fee $75.00

This fee is non-refundable and is paid once, whether the student is applying for a degree or non-degree program. The fee is to be submitted with the initial application. Registration remains in effect unless the student becomes inactive. A new registration fee must be paid for a student to become active again. “Inactivity” is defined as follows:

Commuters: Must apply for re-enrollment within thirty days of the completion of a degree program.

Distance Learners: Must apply for re-enrollment within ninety days of the completion of a specific group or courses or segment of a degree program.

Tuition Fees:

$265.00 per credit hour for on-campus courses
$265.00 per credit hour for online courses*

*$150 online fee for each online course.

International Student Tuition Fees:

$265.00 per credit hour

The tuition fees do not include the primary textbook, workbook, or reference reading materials. Additional book fees will be charged upon registration, based on the particular course criteria. See our International Students page for more info.

Student Fee

Each student is charged a fee of $150 per semester for various student services.

International Student Fee is $200 per semester.

Graduation Fee

Degree Price
Associate Degree $200.00
Baccalaureate Degree $200.00
Graduate Degree $285.00

Transfer Credits

These are based on the following:

Less than 30 credits $50.00
30 to 60 credits $100.00
61 to 90 credits $150.00
More than 90 credits $200.00

Assessed Credits

Review Life Learning Portfolio Fee $75.00
Assessing Life Learning Credit Fee $70.00 per credit hour

Audit Fee: $300.00 per 3 credit hours

Students may choose to audit a class for personal enrichment.

Binding Fees: $50.00 per book paid to SFBC&TS.