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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Pastoral Ministry

Completing this degree can be very flexible and can be done online. On completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Apply pastoral counseling to individual and small group ministries;
  2. Formulate a pastoral philosophy of ministry that is consistent with the Biblical worldview and applicable to a practical project;
  3. Define the historical and theological foundations of pastoral ministry;
  4. Illustrate the relation of business and church practices to pastoral ministry; and
  5. Develop leadership skills, ministerial practices, and Christian character that reflect an understanding of principles of sermon preparation and discipleship.

Opportunities in Pastoral Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry program prepares students to serve in a variety of ministries in the church and the world. Management and administration of churches and church related organizations, youth ministry in Christian High Schools and Colleges such as:

  • Pastoral ministries
  • Youth or adult ministries
  • Leadership ministries
  • Administration

Breakdown of Core Curriculum

Bible Requirements
BBL1101Old Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL1111Biblical Covenants3 Credits
BBL1151New Testament Survey3 Credits
BBL2201Bible Doctrines Survey3 Credits
Bible Electives12 Credits
General Education Requirements
ENC1101English Composition I3 Credits
ENC1102English Composition II3 Credits
ENL2010Literature3 Credits
WOH1012History of Civilization I3 Credits
MAC1105College Algebra I3 Credits
MIN1101Introduction to Evangelism3 Credits
REL2300World Religions3 Credits
ESC1000Earth Science3 Credits
SPC1024Speech3 Credits
PHI2100Introduction to Logic3 Credits
PHI2010Philosophy3 Credits
PSY2012Psychology3 Credits
Core Curriculum
MIN1110 Spiritual Formation3 Credits
BBL3370Hermeneutics3 Credits
CCO3322Counseling Marriage and Families3 Credits
CCO4420Pastoral Counseling3 Credits
HIS3312Church History3 Credits
MIN2214Discipleship3 Credits
MIN1102World Missions3 Credits
MIN2202Homiletics3 Credits
MIN2203Pastoral Leadership3 Credits
MIN2206Ministerial Ethics3 Credits
MIN2209Leadership of Practical Theology I3 Credits
MIN2210Leadership of Practical Theology II3 Credits
THE4401Christian Apologetics3 Credits
MIN3303Multi-Staff Ministry3 Credits
THE3331 Systematic Theology I3 Credits
MIN4450Pastoral Mentoring/Internship3 Credits
MIN4460Senior Seminar3 Credits
Electives9 Credits
Total: 120 Credits


Specialization in Missions:  Students have the ability to complete a specialization in Missions through the Department of Pastoral Ministry.


  1. Must have completed all A.A./General Education Requirements at SFBC
  2. Must be enrolled in a B.A. program at SFBC
  3. Must declare a specialization in Missions with SFBC prior to the enrollment in missions courses (MIS 105-MIS 305)



Specialization in Missions
MIN1102World Missions3 Credits
MIS1105History of Missions3 Credits
MIS2201Missionary Life and Work3 Credits
MIS2205Global Trends in Missions3 Credits
 MIS3310Intercultural Communication3 Credits
MIS3305Cross Cultural Internship3 Credits
Total: 18 Credits