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The process of college enrollment can seem like a daunting task, but we strive to make that process as easy as possible.  This web site is constructed to provide the clearest understanding of our organization, policies,  requirements, courses, and degree programs.  Many of your questions can be answered within this site.  Also, be sure to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for additional information.

Dual Enrollment Program
This program is designed to provide an opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit. High school credit may or may not be granted according to the discretion of the participating high school. Dual enrollment affords students educational enrichment in specific areas where unusual ability and interest are displayed, especially in courses and academic areas not available in the student’s high school. Please note: Students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program are not eligible for Title IV funding.
Qualifications for the Dual Enrollment Program
            Applicants must:
1.                  Be working toward high school graduation requirements.
2.                  Have attained junior or senior high school standing prior to applying for the program.
Application Procedures for the Dual Enrollment Program
Applicants must:
1.                  Complete a College application.
2.                  Submit written approval from their authorized high school official each semester of attendance.
3.                  Mail or bring the application and letter of authorization to the SFBC&TS Admissions Office prior to enrolling in classes. 
4.                  Comply with basic skills assessment and any additional approvals or prerequisites established by the department for the course(s) in which the student wishes to enroll.

Are you interested in starting your studies at SFBC&TS right away?  If so, there is no need to wait.  All SFBC&TS programs can be completed through SFBC&TS' Correspondence Program.  The  Correspondence Program is not tied to the semester system for on-campus students unless you are on financial aid; therefore, you  may begin your studies as soon as the admission and registration processes are completed.  Other  advantages of the Correspondence Program are the courses can be completed faster due to your own  schedule and pace, and you can take advantage of the "Life Experience" credit program (below).  So if you hope to attend SFBC&TS, but think you have to wait for a new semester  to start, don't be mislead.  The Correspondence Program is independent of the SFBC&TS on-campus semester system. Contact the Admissions Department for more  information and assistance on the Correspondence Program.   

You may download the following forms (in PDF format) to begin your application process.  Please note all forms must be completed as part of the admissions process (except the Life Learning Credit form).  Follow all instructions carefully.  International students must also complete additional forms under the International Students page.  (If you do not have Acrobat® Reader® on your PC, go to our Catalog page and download the free software.  Acrobat® Reader® will permit you to view and print the following PDF-formatted forms. )


However, if at any time you require personalized assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our students, and potential students, are important to us, and every member of our organization is available when assistance is needed.

From the following, please select the subject of your interest; however, potential students must review all material in this section prior to submitting an application for enrollment.