Attendance will be taken at all class sessions. A substantial portion of a student’s grades will be his participation in class discussion. South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary believes class interaction is necessary to enrich the student's education. Therefore prompt, consistent attendance is expected for all students enrolled at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary.

Please note the following:

  • Absences: In determining a student's final course grade, the student's cumulative final score will be reduced for each unexcused absence (see "Excused Absence Procedure" below). When a student has more than four (4) absences from any one course, it will result in automatic withdrawal of that course.
  • Excused Absence Procedure: In order to qualify as an "excused absence," it must be approved by the professor prior to the class.
  • Tardiness: Classes will start promptly at the scheduled time. Three "tardies" will be counted as one unexcused absence.