Lightbearers Alumni Association is an organization with the sole purpose of raising funds in support of South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary and the Alumni Association. The organization's goal is to provide continuous annual financial contributions for scholarships and other significant Association projects as identified jointly by the College and the Association. This fund raising organization is part of the Alumni Association.



To raise a minimum of one million dollars within a ten-year period (2005-2015) for the advancement of the College and the Alumni Association.


MEMBERSHIP: attained by an alumnus contributing One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) or more per year on a recurring annual basis. Any combination of donations equaling to ten thousand dollars ($10,000) within a ten-year period qualifies for The Ten-Year recognition award. RESPONSIBILITIES: There will be no formalized structure. The Alumni Association will be managed by a committee as part of the Alumni Association's operating committees. The Alumni Association will partner with the College Administration to develop a list of significant projects for funding.

Fund Distribution

The Board of Directors will allocate monies raised by the Alumni Association as follows:

    • At least 25% of all funds raised annually shall be earmarked for the Endowed Scholarship Program.
    • School sanctioned and Alumni approved significant projects. Such designated projects must be completed prior to authorizing another significant project. Membership Recognition: Each member will receive a license plate holder for their automobile.
    • The Alumni Association will have its own stationery.
    • Each Alumni member will receive a license plate holder.
    • A special plaque will be displayed on campus with the names of members who have completed ten (10) consecutive years of Charter membership.

Please contact the Alumni Office at (954) 545-4500 or EMAIL for more information on how to join the Alumni Association.

Dear Alumni

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The fact that you have graduated from South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary is a milestone of which you can be proud. Today many students have graduated from colleges and universities that are no longer in existence. No one wants to be a graduate of a school that has ceased to exist.

This brings us to the question, “What can we do to make sure that SFBC&TS will survive and thrive, so that others may have the same opportunity we had for a quality biblical education?”

Those of us who have gone on to reach our fullest potential by earning sizeable incomes, or becoming paid servants because of the biblical principles and confidence in the Lord that SFBC&TS has instilled in us, should pass on the opportunity for a quality biblical education by continued involvement with our school. Because of SFBC&TS, we are now light bearers, “passing the light to the next generation.” We have an opportunity to leave a legacy that keeps on shining.

For those of you who are willing to accept the torch and commit to passing it on, we thank God for touching your hearts. Thank you for making a commitment. By your actions, you are making it possible for many worthy young men and women to have the advantage of a quality Christian education.

Give Back

Please download our Alumni Planned Giving Form (PDF) or our Alumni One-Time Gifts Form (PDF) to give back to SFBC&TS.

Scholarship Opportunities

Light Bearers - “Passing the Torch to the next Generation”